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  • What is The PassiveCycler?
    The is a wealth creation crowdfunding community established to help members achieve Financial Freedom. The system is so simple, yet very powerful and exciting. You Dont Need To Refer or Build A MASSIVE Downlines Here To Make Money. All you need do is CONTRIBUTE to The Crypto Wealth CYCLER by purchasing your positions. Each position cost 5.00 and comes with 500 Advertising credits to promote whatever business you are into . However, every position owned by you CYCLES in just 40 days and reward you 200% upon cycling.
  • What Crypto Currencies do you accept?
    We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, USDT-TRC20 and Tron for deposits.
  • What is the Minimum Deposit Amount?
    The Minimum Deposit is set at $10.00.
  • What is the Maximum withdrawal Amount?
    The Minimum withdrawal is set at $5.00.
  • How long does it take a position to cycle?
    All Position will cycle within 40 days.
  • After I make a cashout request, when will the funds be available on my crypto ecurrency account?
    For security reasons, withdrawal requests are processed manually. Funds are usually available within 12-48 business hours. We manually confirm all withdrawal request.
  • Do I have to refer people to get paid on my deposits?
    Nope! You don't have to refer a single person to start benefiting from this amazing opportunity. All you have to do is sign up, Activate your account by purchasing positions and start getting daily reward payments!
  • How Much Can I earn from referral new Invitees?
    At PassiveCycler, alot of money can be earned from inviting new referrals under you, althought not required.
    For Example :
    You will earn 12% Referral Commission 3 levels deep. You will receive 7% on your first level referrals, 3% of every position owned by your 2nd level invited referrals, 2% of every position owned by your 3rd level invited referrals, and this will continue whenever your direct or indirect referral make deposit in the system.
  • Where do I find the referrals that signed up under me?
    To view your my referrals and their productivity, LOGIN to your account. Once on the DASHBOARD - click on MY REFERRALS in the menu on the left.
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